Hi My name is Paul Keane the Tree Magician.

I'm a local Coloradan who has spent the last two decades in Gunnison.

While working and attending college at Western State, my love for Gunnison and the surrounding area has grown exponentially. So much to the point I decided to start my own tree business. I fell into the tree world at a young age working at a plant nursery, learning about types of trees and shrubs and how to care for them. Later on, I worked for the United States forest service doing tasks ranging from wildland firefighting, felling trees, and trail maintenance. While working with the forest service and doing construction work in college, I found a crew of local arborists doing tree work and I was a shoe in with my rock climbing and tree background. Unfortunately, we do not provide firewood.

Now 17 years in the tree world, I continue to hone my craft and am constantly humbled by how much there is to learn about trees and how I can continue to refine my skills.