We offer tree health and risk assessments in the Gunnison Valley, CO

You've noticed that your tree is losing its leaves early and has developed strange bumps on the bark. Is your tree diseased? Hire Tree Magician to find out for sure.

We provide tree risk assessments in the Gunnison Valley, CO. We'll test your trees' health and soundness. We can even evaluate your trees for curb appeal or property value. Schedule a tree risk assessment to find out if your trees need to be trimmed or removed.

Reach out to us today to learn more about your trees.

Place trees in the best spots

Any landscaping project can benefit from a few trees. The experts at Tree Magician can help you determine the best placement for trees at your property. We'll also help you choose tree types that will thrive in the environment of your property. If you're starting a construction project, we'll show you how to protect the trees you want to keep.

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